FAQ - frequently asked questions

Sunstar Rent-A-Car has an excellent roadside assistance that you can contact by phone or e-mail. Our operators speak several languages and will help you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and each day of the year. We provide assistance anywhere in Spain.

How can I contact the roadside assistance?

  • Please call 0034-659.518.084, available 24/7.
  • If you cannot be attended personally from one of our operators, please leave a message on our answering machine, indicating your contract number or the registration number of the rented car, the telephone number where we can reach you (with country code) and the reason of your call. We will contact you as soon as possible.
  • It is also possible to send a SMS or an e-mail to: sunstarrentacar@hotmail.com.

What does my insurance include?

  • Telephone assistance 24 hours per day, each day of the year.
  • Towing by the insurance company.
  • Replacement vehicle - if available.


In case of a gross negligence attributable to the driver (or driving drunken) SunStar can and will exclude or charge tow truck.

What does my insurance not include?

  • Towing because of misfuelling.
  • Any type of puncture.
  • Battery replacement - for a battery replacement by non-proper treatment according to the battery extra costs will be provided.
  • Taxi

How to react in case of an accident?

  • If you or one of the occupants of your vehicle or the other vehicle have been injured, call immediately the emergency telephone number 112.
  • Be extremely careful when leaving the vehicle. Place the prescribed warning triangles behind and in front of the broken-down vehicle. You can find the appropriate security articles in the trunk..
  • If nobody is injured, or if they have been cared for, please write down how the accident occured. In the glove compartment of the vehicle you will find the European Accident Report. Please fill it out legibly and detailed. It should be signed from both parties. (A signature is not an admission of guilt!)
  • Within a maximum of 48 hours you have to send us the accident report, so that we can declare the accident to the insurance company and can make any claims. This can also be done by fax or mail. When you return the vehicle you always have to deliver the original documents.
  • If the vehicle can still be driven, please come to our office within the opening times (or by appointment), there will be - if available - a replacement vehicle provided.
  • If the vehicle can not be driven, please contact our roadside assistance for help.

What to do if the car has an accident?

  • If the vehicle can be driven and there is a minor breakdown (for example, problems with the radio, air conditioning, GPS, etc.), please come to the office where you will be helped directly or a replacement vehicle - if available - will be provided. Please contact us first so that an employee is informed.
  • If a warning light comes on in the area of the dashboard, please turn off the engine immediately and contact the roadside assistance.
  • If the vehicle can not be driven, please contact the roadside assistance.

Can I go to a repair garage by myself?

  • In the case of an accident, you must contact roadside assistance first. In certain cases it is possible to obtain an authorization from our staff, to repair the vehicle in the nearest garage.
  • If you have received such an approval, you must go pay the invoice in advance. The invoice has to be done in the name of SunStar Rent-A-Car, CIF 48674052A, so the amount can be refunded in our office. In case of not delivering the official invoice, refunds cannot be made.

What kind of fuel does the rented vehicle use?

  • Even in the contract as well as in the gas cap you will find an indication of which fuel you need to refuel. Please inform yourself before refueling. A misfuelling is not covered by the insurance, and causes extra costs! In doubt, they certainly can help you at the gas station or you just contact our roadside assistance.
  • At Spanish gas stations you can find two different types of gasoline: "Sin Plomo 95" and "Sin Plomo 98". Both are suitable for petrol vehicles and differ only in the octane number.
  • If you refueled the vehicle accidentally with the wrong fuel, do not start the engine under any circumstances and contact immediately the roadside assistance margins help.

What to do in case of a lost, broken or stolen key?

  • Please contact immediately the roadside assistance under 0034-659.518.084. You will be informed about how to proceed.
  • Please be advised that SunStar will not deliver the spare key to the residence of the customer, this is not covered. We require a service fee of 20 € or you can come personally to our office.
  • The loss, theft or breakage of the key is not covered by the insurance. This causes extra costs, which may vary depending on the vehicle.

What to do with a flat tire?

  • The tire must be replaced immediately, even if you have signed the extra insurance.. The insurance covers the repair of the tire, but not the change. If you have a flat tire and you drive without changing it and thereby cause further damage (rim fracture, etc.) this will not be paid by the insurance company and causes extra costs. 
  • If you are not able to change the tire, please contact the roadside assistance.

How do I change a tire?

  • Park the vehicle in a safe place on a solid foundation and use the warning triangles. Put on the safety vest.
  • Make sure that all passengers have left the car safely and empty the trunk.
  • Remove the hubcap and loosen the screws with the cross without taking them completely out.
  • Put the jack on its place and lift the vehicle.
  • Remove the defective tire and replace it with the spare. tire.
  • Leave the car back down, remove the jack and tighten all screws firmly.
  • Please do not forget to take the defective tire, the tool and the hubcaps with you.

What should I do if the car has been stolen?

  • Report the theft immediately to the nearest police station and deliver the form to SunStar as soon as possbile.
  • Your personal items that you have left in the vehicle are not covered by the insurance, SunStar can not be held liable for them.

How can I get the car back if it has been towed away by the police?

  • Call the local police station. You have to go to the vehicle pound and pay the traffic fine plus the charge for towing the vehicle. SunStar Rent A Car is not responsable for these kind of incidents, but we naturally support you, please call roadside assistance.

Will I get a replacement car in case of an accident?

  • Yes, if the cause is not a gross negligence and a replacement vehicle is available.
  • SunStar will deliver the vehicle (depending on the arrangement and at no extra costs) at the desired location when you have signed for the additional insurance. If not, a service fee of 25 € will be charged, which must be paid directly.

And if I'm not near to the office of SunStar Rent A Car?

  • Depending on the nature of the incident and the geographical location SunStar determined whether it is possible to provide a rental vehicle from another company until the vehicle can be changed. Therefor you need to go to the office of SunStar within 24 hours.
  • This option is subject to availability and acceptance by you to accept the terms and conditions of another company.